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A little about me...

I was born and raised in North Georgia (Cleveland, GA). I orginally had an early interest in biology that eventually shifted to an interest in computers in high school. I was very excited to bring home our first windows 95 pc around 1996. I became increasing facinated with understanding how to manage our home computer and that led to me eventually tinkering with one setting too many and not being able to boot into windows. We took the pc to a local repair shop and they got it working and told my father to not let me mess with it any more, which led to a conversation with my father that I wouldn't stop tinkering, but I promise he will never have to take it back to the repair shop and voila a geek was born!

During high school, they offered a introduction to programming class which focused on GW-BASIC DOS programming. I was instantly taken with programming. During my Senior year of high school I taught myself Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and during and developed my first full program for my parent's business (Browning's Driver Improvement Schools). The program was built on a MS-Access Database and stayed in service for about six years until I updated it as a web-based application using PHP and MySQL around 2006.

I worked for my parent's business out of high school until about 2003 at which time my parents and I opened a Cellular Wireless Agency (Cingular Wirelss prior to AT&T/SBC buyouts). The experience solidified my experience in desktop management and networking concepts. After the venture ended in 2007, I started working for a K-12 Public School system (Banks County Schools). This was the beginning of working officially in I.T. The role allowed an expansion of skills including enterprise level windows managekment (System Imaging & managent,Active Directory, and Windows Server 2008R2). My last year or so working for the school system, I migrated out of an infrastructure support role and more into a data support specialist. I assisted in GA State Reporting. I used a WAMP stack to build a PHP & based application to query our Student Information System (SIS - PowerSchool) using custom T-Sql queries to target the Oracle Database the SIS was built on in order to automate Active Directory user account creation, refine our data validation for state reporting, and automate data transformation for the numerous applications purchased by the school system (each application usually having unique import file requirements for user accounts).

In 2012, I left the school system and spent about a year in Chicago, IL working as a Level III support engineer in a 1000 server datacenter for an Indiana power company (NiSource) as an IBM Contractor. In 2013, I accepted a position with Citrix Technical Support supporting an enterpise application (Xenapp which merged with another product line XenDesktop. I provided Enterprise customers with technical support on the products that specialized in Application and Desktop virtualization.

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